Three easy trends you can try, and nail, this summer

Being trendy doesn’t have to be complicated

Every fashion magazine makes it look easy, but to a mere mortal only equipped with a Pinterest board and a limited budget, fashion trends might seem like a sorcery we can’t quite muster.

But fashion has especially become easier, more flexible and most importantly, more wearable! The emphasis on statement (uncomfortable) pieces has faded, replaced instead by an interest in comfortable minimalist trainers, oversized jackets, hoodies, sportswear and kitten heels.

You may have wondered once or twice this season how you can best approach the 2017 layering and casual trends without going overboard, so we set out to explore a few of this summer’s biggest trends and how you can wear them with ease and confidence. From stripes and hot pinks to Yeezy vibes to fit any personality, here are a few tips and tricks on styling.

Yeezy casual

Get it? Cause it’s Yeezy…easy… anyway, this year it’s all about relaxed shapes incorporated in any kind of outfit, from everyday casual to night time glamour. The key pieces? Logo tees, hoodies and sweatshirts – start from one sportswear item and build your outfit around it without overdoing it. For a more punk look, wear your oversized sweatshirts with army boots or trainers.

Don’t want to look too casual but also want to stay comfortable and chic on a summer’s day full of lectures? Grab a men’s t-shirt (a cool text or logo will make up the focal point of your #ootd), carelessly tuck it into a pair of leather shorts or ankle tight sweatpants and top it off with a pair of trainers and a minimal blazer. Tuck up the sleeves to complete the casual look and keep the colour scheme to a minimum for maximum chic effect.

Go for simple and lightweight fabrics with little to no patterns – that will provide you with an easy way to join this trend bandwagon without stressing too much about coordination.


Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, black and white, multicolour – stripes are a big deal and they shouldn’t scare you. Sure, some of us might have made some horrendous mistakes and went out looking like a circus tent designed by a six year old in an IKEA lobby while waiting for his parents, but we live, learn and discover the magical powers of Pinterest’s inspirational mood boards.

When combining striped items this summer, start off with a colour scheme and try not to go to town with shades (unless you’re a shade pro). If you’re not sure about the type of stripe, try and keep them to similar widths and cut the ensemble with a corset belt, or add a statement leather or denim jacket to complete the look.

Pink vibes

If there has ever been a time for strong colours, it is this season. Even if you’re a non-believer, pink has made such a comeback that you can find it in any shade imaginable and the best thing about it is that it no longer has to be the typical Barbie doll defining colour.

Throw a pop of pink on an all black or all white ensemble or be daring and mix two shades in the same outfit – everything goes! Pair a pale pink tulle skirt with studded army boots, mix a pair of fuchsia trousers with a white tee and a denim jacket or just throw on some pink culottes with a turtleneck. Take your outfit from daytime to night-time with a pair of trainers or stilettos and with the right dose of accessories.

Photography by Archie Guinchard