40 Days without… Talking to Females?

How serious is lent for you?

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Whilst lent originally has a religious background for some, most of us use these 40 days after pancake day to desperately try and drop a habit or test our limits.

What would you be willing to give up for 40 days? Would you really push yourself and give up an essential like caffeine or are you more of the giving up fast food type?

How am I gonna live without you?

After some extensive research with reliable sources, The Tab has put together a list of the top 10 things people give up during lent:

1. Chocolate
2. Alcohol
3. Sex
4. Facebook
5. Fast Food
6. Coffee
7. Smoking
8. TV
9. Shopping
10. Fizzy Drinks

Although some people like to religiously suffer during lent others will turn the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert into a personal challenge and give up essentials out of their every day life like my flatmate who has given up ketchup.

One of Warwick’s finest has taken lent to a whole new level this year, he is giving up all contact with females and this includes talking, texting and any other form of communication. Whilst this idea was more of a Facebook joke in the beginning, a Blog has now been set up where you can follow his day to day struggle as he goes through life without the pleasure of conversing with the ladies.

Although lent has only just started, we’re excited to see how this one will go!

I tried to contact him but obviously got no reply!