Fashion Blogs Warwick Needs To Follow.

The Tab’s best dressed writer reveals fashion secrets.

Warwick really needs to up their ante when it comes to style.  We may be primary targets for graduate employers but fashion isn’t our strong point.

The Tab are bringing you the hottest blogs on the web to help you get dressed in the morning.

What do I wear 

This Tumblr hosts a collection of images. From day/night-wear to I-would-never-wear, this site is the place to upgrade your campus style or even your Smack-style!

Street Fashion

Street Fashion is another Tumblr, another way to start your day. With pictures from fashion shoots to street shots, this blog is perfect for outfit inspiration, especially if you’re a fan of anything studded.

Carolines Mode

Yes you may have to translate it from Swedish, but this blog shows that Sweden definitely has one-up on the UK when it comes to style. Full of the eccentrics, individuals and sometimes the weird (check out Wiktor, page 8, 1 Feb 2013), this is for the fashionista in you. One for they boys too!

She wears fashion

For anyone who needs a hipster-kick in their wardrobe, this blog is one to keep on your bookmarks bar. Kavita headlines a style that most people try and not many pull off and she looks good. Take note.

Stella’s Wardrobe

This blog is for the girls who don’t mind standing out and who love to customise. Not for the shy girls, if you love the limelight and want some eye-catching outfits to match, here you go.

Finally here are the favourites, Jazzabelle’s Diary and What Olivia Did.

If you’re looking for classy British style, their blogs are the place to look. With outfits that are oh-so-easy to copy, you’ll be checking these daily for your floor 3 wardrobe. Take a look at Jazmine’s beautiful blog for second-hand fashion creativity and at Olivia’s for shots to influence your shopping list.

Boys, if you feel left out have a look at Anthony and Dustin’s blog and Dapper Lou’s street gents, these are guys with great taste.