Breaking: Face-to-face teaching at the University of Sheffield is to be suspended from 9 to 18 October

It follows a BIG rise in cases

Face-to-face teaching at the University of Sheffield is set to be suspended from Friday 9 October to Sunday 18 October, in response to the dramatic rise in coronavirus cases at the university.

In an email to students, the university said: “In response to the increase in Covid-19 cases in the city and within our University community, the number of our students self-isolating and the likelihood of more stringent local measures being implemented shortly, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend face-to-face teaching.”

The period will be used by the university to put in place additional risk mitigation measures that will allow for the resumption of face-to-face teaching.

Campus services and facilities, such as student support, libraries and cafes will remain open throughout. Clinical teaching and research will continue as planned.

It comes following a huge increase in cases amongst Sheffield students, after nearly 370 tested positive at Hallam and 474 tested positive at the University of Sheffield.

The email continued: “Students have told us about the benefits of face-to-face teaching and we believe it is the best method for learning together on campus. We will be working hard to resume these activities, whilst limiting the number of people on campus and keeping the risk of infection to a minimum.

“We always strive to provide the best learning experience for all our students, including those from around the world who may have just arrived in the UK and are therefore following quarantine rules.  We will continue to give support and guidance to all our students during this transition and would ask you to continue to notify us if you are self-isolating, experiencing symptoms or have a confirmed case as detailed in our guidance:”

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