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Pop Tarts tickets: Thousands in confusion as Foundry site goes down

Here’s what the hell is going on

Thousands of students set their Pop Tarts alarms this morning only to find they couldn't actually get tickets.

Tickets for the weekly Saturday night classic can usually be bought from 10am on Sunday morning for the following week.

The regular Pop Tarts cult know they sell out fast – so some are really panicking today. Every time people click 'buy' for 12 October tickets, nothing happens.

The Tab has contacted Sheffield SU for an explanation, and can confirm the Entertainments and Venues team (i.e. Foundry) are experiencing "unprecedented" technical difficulties with the website.

A member of SU staff told The Sheffield Tab: "This has never happened before, it's bizarre. Everything looks fine with the site from our end, but for everyone else it's not working.

"No one from Foundry or technical support is working today but I've contacted my manager who is trying to sort things out from home."

So yes, they are on the case. But until they sort it, the really keen are urged to drag themselves out of bed and head down to the SU on foot.

Tickets are being sold in person from the Welcome Desk until 5pm.

3pm update: The site is fixed after five hours of technical issues. Pop Tarts tickets can now be purchased.

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