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We spoke to the second year who changed her name to Leadmill in return for free entry

‘I was very drunk at pres and saw that Leadmill was offering a Gold card so I thought fuck it’


A Hallam student has changed her middle name to Leadmill in exchange for free entry to the club for a year.

Just after this year's Freshers’ Week, lifelong Leadmill fan Courtney Powell – now Courtney Leadmill Powell – spotted that the club was offering VIP cards as rewards for completing certain tasks.

But there was only one Gold Card up for grabs, and to get it the club was asking for one devoted clubber to legally change their name to Leadmill.

Psychology second-year Courtney was more than keen to rise to the challenge.

She said: “I was very drunk at pres and saw that Leadmill was offering a Gold card so I thought ‘fuck it’.

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Courtney Leadmill Powell in her element

“I woke up the next day thinking I’d dreamt it, but then I checked my emails and had one from deed poll [a legal document that proves a change of name].”

Despite the pleasing alliteration, she insisted that "Courtney Corporation Powell" didn’t connect with her as deeply.

Courtney, who also works part-time for The Leadmill as a promoter, confided that she’d broken the news to her family over a meal.

"It’s confirmed that I’m still the family disappointment," she said.

When quizzed about her favourite Leadmill tune, Courtney didn’t hesitate in bestowing Tina Turner’s Proud Mary with the accolade.

"Sonic Saturday in the Motown room – I request it every time," she said.

Sam Feeley, Live Promoter for The Leadmill, knew that the challenge for the Gold Card was a high bar.

He said: "I think we’ve asked every year for about four years for someone to change their name, so I’m really glad someone has finally done it!

"Courtney is a proper regular here so I’m sure she’ll make good use of the card."

The student formerly known as Courtney Powell said that the challenge had provided her with something she didn’t already have – a middle name.

"My parents were too lazy to give me any middle names before," she said.

Courtney gets a +1 with any and every event, so hit her up with all your Leadmill-related needs.