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A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of Sheffield

‘West Street Live is very weird’

Whether you're at University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam, you'll have come to know Sheffield pretty well, as well as all of it's pitfalls (hills, the Diamond, West Street Live on a Sunday) and it's highlights (Peace Gardens, Ecclesall Road, West Street Live on a Sunday).

Whilst Sheffield may be a great city with a vibrant nightlife, boutique shops and the Peak District on the doorstep, that doesn't mean it escapes ridicule.

So, here are some of the most mildly amusing tweets about Sheffield in one handy, John's Van size list.

When you get a seat with a view in the IC

You're doing it wrong



We have over £30,000 of debt, let us wear our onesies in peace

100 per cent agree

Hallam problems represent

And again

I feel personally attacked

Damn right

That's not the people, that's just West Street Live

When you're in your final year and you bump into a Fresher

Hit the nail on the head