Superheroes assemble at Sheffield SU for family Comic-Con

This puts themed Pop Tarts nights to shame

comic book comic-con fantasy sheffield student union WOSCON

Superheroes flocked to the Union and Octagon this weekend for WOSCON.

WOSCON (World of Superheroes Convention) is a new, family run breed of Comic-Con – the annual events that celebrate comics, movies and games, drawing in nerds from around the globe.

Attendees were dressed to the nines, kitted out in impressively detailed costumes, these fans knew how it was done.

Queue storm trooper theme tune

The union hosted activities with a massive games room containing loads of consoles, stands full of comic book memorabilia, and a kids’ zone with performances from favourite fantasy characters.

As always, Bar One really rose to the occasion by serving up specials including the “Luke Skyporker” and the “Wolver-bean burrito.” Punderful.

What could be better than going for a Coffee Revs with Darth Vader?

A slight change of scenery to the Mos Eisley Cantina

The event also featured special guests, including Ian McElhinney who plays Barristan Selmy in Game of Thrones.

It is yet to be confirmed if he got a Ned Stark burger at Broomhill Friary.

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