The Sheffield freshers are coming

Were we ever this bad?

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With A-level results day edging closer and closer, this year’s prospective Sheffield first are being super friendly on Facebook groups.

Making new friends seems to be the order of the day, and the freshers seem to be having varying degrees of success.

The groups are filled with sad showings of 0 likes and 0 replies.

Music seems to be a common theme when trying to relate to potential new bff’s.

Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys and Kasabian? Not sure anybody will be able to relate to such an obscure selection of bands mate.

Several freshers appear to be using Facebook to ask questions which really have no place on such groups.

It’s probably best that you consult your other half about this. Or your mum. Or your real-life friends. Literally anybody else but the Freshers Facebook group.

Charlie is under no illusions, she knows.

This one is genuinely concerned about her laundry.

Wherever you hang your laundry at home, you can do that at uni. There’s floor space for a rack. Thankfully the freshers page was here for Millie in here time of need.

One did actually exhibit decent chat, by showing that he understands how to win the hearts of hundreds of weird 18-year-olds: Harry Potter and memes.

162 Likes. Well played sir.

Although you’ll never be that popular in real life – your meme bank won’t get you anywhere when your mate is unconscious in the Corp toilets the first Wednesday back and you can’t remember how to get home.