Uni hands out millions in postgrad scholarships

Each scholarship could buy you 11,000 Jagerbombs

Generous uni big dogs have decided to offer £10,000 scholarships to hundreds of postgrads.

Uni will be handing out £2.2 million worth of scholarships in 2015 following a national rise in postgrad scholarships.

That’s the same amount Gareth Bale sold his Essex mansion for when he moved to Madrid last year.

Generous Keef


There are 220 scholarships on offer, each worth £10,000, which is the fifth highest amount in the UK.

In the interests of political correctness, scholarships will be awarded to postgrads from under-represented groups in a vain attempt to “ensure that talented students from all backgrounds have access to postgraduate education.”

This comes as part of a national campaign comprising of £50m of funding to provide scholarships for postgraduate students.

Sheffield’s 220 scholarships on offer is the fifth highest amount in the UK