Here’s what your favourite Oxford study spot says about you

If you study from your bed and you’re here for validation, keep scrolling

Hilary term is upon us and after you’ve revisited your fave kebab van and scraped through the collections you definitely forgot you had, the studying will have to resume. Everyone has their favourite study spot that reveals something unique about their personality, so without further ado, here’s what your favourite study spots in Oxford say about you.

Your college library

A classic, a staple, the beans on toast of libraries. If you regularly study here you’re the wholesome friend, the kind who always has a spare piece of gum and an insightful thought to chip in when the silence in a seminar becomes unbearable.

You may be a bit of a plain Jane but don’t worry, that’s what everyone loves about you. N.B. If you only visit your college library after 10pm because it is the only one still open and you’re mid essay-crisis, none of the above applies to you.

Prêt à Manger

The closest we come to having a centralised university campus, if you study here you like getting your money’s worth out of your subscription.

Kudos, you’re very frugal. You are also probably dressed in a banging outfit, ready to be the main character but you definitely don’t care about your degree, you are here for vibes alone.

Maybe we’ll cut you some slack if you’re sending emails or doing admin tasks but if you come to sit amongst this racket with the aim of writing an essay, I don’t know what to tell you.

Bottom floor Radcliffe Camera 

You are the type of student I aspire to be, your noise cancelling headphones are locked and loaded with 10 hours of LoFi chillhop beats to study/work to and you are in the zone working on an essay at least two days ahead of the due date. You probably went rowing this morning and you have never sullied the temple that is your body with Hassan’s glorious donner meat.

Your faculty library


You are committed, ready to immerse yourself in your subject and surround yourself with everything you could possibly need to finish that dissertation. Good job, I commend you. We shall conveniently forget the fact that almost all of the faculty libraries close at tea time and studying here is the easiest route to a guilt-free early finish.


Top/middle floor Radcliffe Camera

You are here in the hopes that the dark academia vibes will compel you into finally putting pen to page but you have spent the last 20 minutes taking pictures of the ceiling. You also probably have a cough that you don’t mind sharing and a pressing phone conversation that you will have in the stairwell but none of that matters because as long as you’re in the Rad Cam, you must be being productive, right?

Your bedroom

You were a 2020 fresher who enjoyed online classes a bit too much. Now, you still haven’t made it to an in-person lecture, you still get all your reading online, you aren’t 100 per cent sure how to use your bod card to access the libraries and at this point, you’re too ashamed to ask the library staff for help. You also definitely study History because every other degree has enough contact hours to outlaw this kind of joblessness.

The Gladstone Link

You have set yourself apart from every other living thing on the planet and decided that you don’t need sunlight. Yes, the dingy artificial light does bear the nostalgia of a sixth form centre but at what cost? If this dungeon of a library is your go-to, I just want to remind you that free counselling is available via the university X.

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