Here are the craziest reactions to Timothée Chalamet filming in Oxford

‘Can’t believe I missed Timothée Chevrolet’

This Christmas vac, Timothée Chalamet graced the city of Oxford with his presence. Timmy will be starring in Wonka, the prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is also apparently going to be a musical.

The filming in Oxford took place in the iconic Rad Cam as well as some surrounding colleges. Many avid fans waited outside the library to get a glimpse of Timmy.

In celebration of his visit, we’ve collated some of the craziest reactions to Mr Chalamet’s Oxford trip.

People on Twitter lost their shit


And then there were the Oxfess reactions…

For those keeping tabs at home, the most entertaining part of the filming were the reactions on Oxfess to the event. This person had quite a disgruntled reaction to the crowds of fans.

Although we can’t let our egos get too big, I can’t help but agree. Also, leave the poor man alone while he’s trying to work!

Many of us wondering how Oxford could possibly work into a chocolate maker’s storyline.

I have no way to predict what role the Rad Cam will be, but I know that Wonka being filmed at Oxford is another thing we can obnoxiously brag about to friends and family. But do we want him in our libraries?

At least we can say now that Timothée Chalamet has almost definitely experienced the unique smell of the Rad Cam toilets along with the rest of us.

Some responded with thirst

Let’s hope that Timmy is reading Oxfess for the sake of this poster. Or should we?

Even Oxford Affirmations joined in on the fun, when Timmy was pictured wearing what looked like a scholar’s gown.

The pinnacle of the Timothée saga was when an impersonator (or was it?) posted this message:

Although this the reaction for most of us to the whole fiasco:

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