A privileged student faked being poor to get into Oxford Uni

She’s now had her place taken away from her

A student lost a scholarship to study at Oxford after it was revealed that she made up much of the adversity in her background, The Times reports.

Mackenzie Fierceton claimed that she was abused by her mother, and grew up poor in the foster care system.

It has since been revealed that the abuse is unproven and that she was in the foster care system for less than a year. On top of that, Fierceton attended a $30,000 a year private school and grew up in a  $750,000 home.

The Rhodes Scholarship is an extremely competitive award which allows the recipient to study at the University of Oxford. Just one per cent of applicants are granted this privilege.

Mackenzie Fierceton (which she changed from Morrison when applying to university) claimed that she suffered abuse such as her mother pushing her down the stairs. Her mother denied the abuse accusation and all of her charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Mackenzie also claimed to be low income and the first person in her family to attend university even though her mother is a doctor.

Her other claims also turned out to be falsified, with the Rhodes committee finding that she had “created and repeatedly shared false narratives about herself” for her own gain.

The Rhodes committee has withdrawn her scholarship and therefore her place at Oxford while University of Pennsylvania is investigating the case, and is currently withholding her master’s degree.

Fierceton responded by filing a lawsuit against University of Pennsylvania in protest against the accusations made against her.

She claims that she did not lie on any application and that the Rhodes Trust is attacking a “survivor” of abuse.

A University of Pennsylvania spokesperson said: “The Rhodes Trust conducted its own investigation . . . the trust then gave Ms Fierceton the opportunity to withdraw her candidacy. Ms Fierceton accepted that offer.”

Mackenzie Fierceton’s mother, radiologist Dr. Carrie Morrison said: “Mackenzie is deeply loved by her mom and family. Our greatest desire is that Mackenzie chooses to live a happy, healthy, honest and productive life, using her extraordinary gifts for the highest good.”

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