St. Anthony’s college has mould so bad that students are moving out

‘All this is an impediment to my academic progress and performance’

A student who became ill from living in St. Anthony’s College accommodation infested with mould has spoken out about the ordeal.

Having lived in the room for three years as the mould grew, the student, a DPhil candidate who wishes to remain anonymous, eventually had to move out on August 8 due to becoming unwell.

There were a multitude of complaints which date back to 2013. These included water leakages, broken windows and disruptive building work.

Whilst a rent discount was received in light of these, it is still outrageous to expect students to live in these conditions.

The sick student in question said “People can hardly believe these incidents would happen in a college at Oxford University” and “All this is an impediment to my academic progress and performance”.

Maintenance requests for the room had been ignored for years, despite accompanying photos showing the extent of the growth of the mould.

The official response from the college said they were “aware of the issue” and assured “that it had been taken very seriously by the college”.