We’re getting fat! Oxford students put on most weight as freshers

We’re tucking into too many a Taylor’s

A survey conducted in August of this year has shown that students at Oxford, Reading, Brighton and Kent reported the largest weight gain (an average of 11.8lbs) of any freshers in the country.

These were followed by students in the South West, namely Bristol, Bath and Exeter, who gained an average of 11.7lbs in their first year.

Hassan’s: Breakfast of Champions


The survey, conducted by Upbeat (a protein dairy drink firm), showed that alongside an excess of Express Pizza, 13% admitted to feeling low and tired due to their unhealthy eating, and 60% admitted they were likely to skip breakfast with 1/9 claiming they do so every day.

Commenting on the findings, a Somerville second year denied the study suggesting “a diet of perfect pizza and apple sours has kept the pounds off” but did offer a word of warning to incumbent freshers saying “to all freshers worried about their weight, avoid alpha bar and vodka lime sodas at all costs! “

The survey also found that 8/10 admitted that they struggle to concentrate due to their poor diet with 47% saying they intended on surviving on diets of refined carbs and sugar – i.e. white pasta, pizza and fatty foods like doughnuts. An Oriel second year agreed with these findings, admitting “I definitely piled on the pounds in my first year, alcohol + pizza was my staple diet”

Babs for Breakfast

A Jesus Second year told us “I put on a ton of weight – the combo of not playing sport, drinking loads more than before and eating unhealthily did for my fitness. I don’t think this survey is bollocks”, this said he did admit “if you don’t eat like shit and do a bit of exercise then it’s not hard to stay fit”

We spoke to an incoming Univ fresher who said keeping in shape is the only reason he’s going to keep up sport. He said  “My brother went to Keele and he came back fat – I’m not down for that”