Students stage protest against Blackwells book baron over UKIP ties

Julian Blackwell, of Blackwells book shop fame, has rejected accusations from student protestors that he is one of UKIP’s biggest donors

Oxford students are planning a protest outside the Blackwells book shop this weekend over its president’s alleged ties to UKIP. A ‘Books Not Bigots’ protest has been organised by the Oxford Activist Network [OAN] to take place on Broad Street this Saturday at 2pm.

In a statement on OAN’s website, Oxford student Angie Normandale said, “On 17th May the OAN will be leafletting to raise awareness of the UKIP threat in the upcoming elections. We are relating the issue to Blackwell’s Bookshop because its owner,  J Blackwell, is one of Ukip’s top-tier donors”.



According to a report by Channel 4, Julian Blackwell, the president of the famous book shop chain, was behind the “second largest individual donation [to UKIP] since 2001″. This was in the form of two donations to the party in 2010 of £125,000 and £50,000.

Julian Blackwell denied accusations that he is heavily involved with UKIP. He told the Tab, “For the 2010 election I personally, from money I had made outside Blackwell’s, did support UKIP as I liked the then leader and believed in what UKIP was trying to do.  I have given no further funds to UKIP since 2010″.

Addressing students concerns about UKIP’s connections to homophobia, racism and sexism, Mr Blackwell said, “I happen to know Nigel Farage, his communications director and the political director of UKIP pretty well. I can assure you that these views are abhorrent to them”.

He continued, “Nigel Farage and UKIP stand up for the main views of the Great British Public”.

More information on the ‘Books Not Bigots’ protest can be found here.