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OUSU, making the OxStu’s slut-shaming legal doesn’t make it right

Siobhan Fenton tells us why OUSU’s response to the OxStu’s slut shaming is not only ineffective, but also incredibly harmful

The ‘real rape’ myth needs to die now

My rape wasn’t a ‘classic’ rape, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real

No, OxStu, being sexually active doesn’t mean you can’t be raped

The Oxstu’s article slamming an alleged rape victim for promiscuity shows the dark side of victim blaming

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The best dressed students from a night of fashionable fun with Industry fashion magazine

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Trinity votes to reaffiliate with OUSU

Trinity opts back into OUSU for first time in years

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JOE MILES thinks JCR joke motions are no laughing matter

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Dating a Chrisian Oxford student can be a bit of a minefield, here TASHA DHANRAJ shows you how

In Photos: Ruskin Freshers’ Art Show

Photos from the opening night of the Ruskin Art School’s first year show

Trinity footballers disciplined for flashing celeb violinist at formal

Trinity football team in trouble for mooning world-famous violinist at formal hall

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Guardian gives two fingers to Oxford in latest uni rankings

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This week, JOE MILES wonders why you never do any fucking work

Join the Tab for Michaelmas!

The degree you’re doing is a waste of time- do something people actually care about and join the Tab.

Oxford Hub bags prestigious award from the Queen

Charity led by Oxford students nabs award dubbed ‘the MBE for charities’ in Queen’s honours

Summer VIIIs in Photos

We captured the best moments at the biggest college rowing event.

Exeter shows signs of cracking under catering charge pressure

Exeter offers up 4 hall-ternatives to be put to a student vote