Siobhan Fenton

Siobhan Fenton


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OUSU, making the OxStu’s slut-shaming legal doesn’t make it right

Siobhan Fenton tells us why OUSU’s response to the OxStu’s slut shaming is not only ineffective, but also incredibly harmful

The ‘real rape’ myth needs to die now

My rape wasn’t a ‘classic’ rape, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real

No, OxStu, being sexually active doesn’t mean you can’t be raped

The Oxstu’s article slamming an alleged rape victim for promiscuity shows the dark side of victim blaming

Best Dressed: Industry fashion mag night out

The best dressed students from a night of fashionable fun with Industry fashion magazine

Tasha Dhanraj week 8: 4 things I learnt from reading Theology at Oxford

Studying Theology for two years has taught TASHA DHANRAJ a thing or two about religion…

Joe Miles Week 8: End of term blues

In his last ever column JOE MILES tells you how to survive 8th week

Best Dressed Clubbers: week 7

Which Oxford students stole the show this week?

5 perks of being a finalist

If you never thought you’d miss the most hellish time of your life, think again…

Trinity votes to reaffiliate with OUSU

Trinity opts back into OUSU for first time in years

Joe Miles Week 7: JCR Joke motions are no laughing matter

JOE MILES thinks JCR joke motions are no laughing matter

Tasha Dhanraj’s thought for the week 7: How to date an Oxford Christian

Dating a Chrisian Oxford student can be a bit of a minefield, here TASHA DHANRAJ shows you how

In Photos: Ruskin Freshers’ Art Show

Photos from the opening night of the Ruskin Art School’s first year show

Wadham votes to only serve vegan meals in hall

Wadham SU votes to only serve vegan meals to students at dinner

Trinity footballers disciplined for flashing celeb violinist at formal

Trinity football team in trouble for mooning world-famous violinist at formal hall

Tasha Dhanraj Week 6: Real Christians go naked

Tasha goes all Gok Wan this week and tells you how to look good Christian

Guardian gives two fingers to Oxford in latest uni rankings

The Guardian thinks you should have gone to St Andrew’s

Joe Miles Week 6: Why does no one here give a shit about their degree?

This week, JOE MILES wonders why you never do any fucking work

Join the Tab for Michaelmas!

The degree you’re doing is a waste of time- do something people actually care about and join the Tab.

Oxford Hub bags prestigious award from the Queen

Charity led by Oxford students nabs award dubbed ‘the MBE for charities’ in Queen’s honours

Summer VIIIs in Photos

We captured the best moments at the biggest college rowing event.

Exeter shows signs of cracking under catering charge pressure

Exeter offers up 4 hall-ternatives to be put to a student vote

Students plan protest vigil outside Union

Students organise vigil outside Union in protest against how no confidence motion debate was handled

OUSU ban pro life advertising

OUSU council has voted to ban advertising from pro life charity ‘LIFE’ appearing in OUSU material

Union scraps no confidence motion against president Ben Sullivan

Union members meet to discuss vote of no confidence motion against President, but ultimately decide that students shouldn’t vote on the motion

‘Rival Union’ organised by boycotting students

‘Rival Union’ set up at Wadham to host speakers boycotting Union

Oxford students wear white ribbons to exams in solidarity with survivors of gendered violence

Students urged to wear white ribbons on sub fusc for exams

ONE THOUSAND ‘tampered’ votes reportedly cast in NUS referendum

NUS referendum in scandalous allegations that suggest 1000 votes were tampered with in vote for Oxford to leave NUS

Philosopher AC Grayling criticises Union boycott

Famous philosopher AC Grayling criticises campaign to boycott the Union

Balls are shit

Ball season is well and truly here – and I couldn’t be less fucking excited about it.

Oxford votes to leave NUS

‘NO’ campaign has reportedly triumphed in the NUS referendum

Laurie Penny and LJ Trup join campaign for Ben Sullivan to resign

Students and public figures sign open letter calling for Oxford Union president to resign

OxHoli in Photos

An afternoon of water and colour

Why I’m Voting NO to NUS

Joe Miles tells us why he is voting NO in the NUS referendum

Students stage protest against Blackwells book baron over UKIP ties

Julian Blackwell, of Blackwells book shop fame, has rejected accusations from student protestors that he is one of UKIP’s biggest donors

Police cordon off two areas in Oxford after alleged rape

Twenty six year old man arrested in connection with alleged rape in George Street Mews area of Oxford

Oxford students need to take a stand against UKIP

JOE FOWLES argues that Oxford students need to stop the defeatist tripe and stand up to UKIP

Cambridge drinking society under police investigation for rape chants in Oxford

Drinking society Wyverns, from Magdalene Cambridge, caught on camera chanting about rape in Oxford

Cambridge beats Oxford in latest uni world rankings

Scandal sparked by latest implausible university league tables

Best Dressed: Corpus Christi Ball

The best dressed looks from Corpus Christi’s ball

Union Treasurer Charles Malton resigns

Union Officer Charles Malton has reportedly resigned as Union Treasurer

Hillary and Bill Clinton visit Oxford

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton spotted in Oxford

Oxford student cleared of hitting researcher with D-Lock

Oxford student cleared of attack on researcher

Oxford MEP candidate and Somerville alumna in homophobia row

Oxford MEP candidate and former Somerville student slammed for ‘homophobic’ comments after claiming there are far too many homosexuals in parliament.

Best Dressed: St Hilda’s Ball

Here’s our pick of the best ball gowns, suits and accessories from St Hilda’s ball

May Day in photos

All the best photos from around Oxford as the city celebrated May Day yesterday

G & Ds slapped with 1 * hygiene rating

G&Ds cafe given 1 out of 5 stars in shocking assessment by Food Standards Agency

Cambridge Vice Chancellor admits ‘We’re not as good as Oxford’

Vice Chancellor admits even he’d rather be a leper

Oxford students need to stop complaining about how busy they are and make time to volunteer

It’s about time that Oxford students started giving back to our local community more- and stopped using tute sheets and crew dates as an excuse

Oxford student on year abroad in Hong Kong arrested for drug offences

Oxford student arrested for “growing marijuana” at a student property in Hong Kong University

Arrest made over Plush Club attack

Man arrested in connection with assault of Teddy Hall student at Plush nightclub

In defence of Oxford sport

MILLIE ROSS stands up to accusations that ‘Oxford sport is shit’

How to get home at the end of term

The Tab’s guide to getting home in style for the vac

Catwalk Report: Oxford Fashion Week Cosmopolitan Show

We report from the front row of Oxford Fashion Week at their Cosmopolitan Show

Best Dressed: Guild Champagne Social

The most stylish students at the Guild’s Champagne social

Catwalk Report: Oxford Fashion Week High Street Show

We report from the catwalk at Oxford Fashion Week’s High St show

Best Dressed at: Oxford Fashion Week Launch Party

The best dressed at Oxford Fashion Week’s Launch party

‘Tampon Takeover’ hits Rad Cam

Tampon bunting on Rad Cam railings in latest Oxfam campaign

In defence of pissing in sinks

It’s perfectly natural

In Photos: Ruskin Art Sale

Photos from the Ruskin Art School’s Fundraiser Sale

Best Dressed: Union Moroccan Ball

The most stylish attendees at the Union’s Moroccan ball

Hot List- 6th Week

What to do in 6th week

Meet The Models: Benefactor Fashion Show

We talk fashion, beauty and the Benefactor catwalk show with the Oxford-students-turned-models

Give Sport Initiations The Red Card

George Randell explains why it should be game over for humiliating initiation rituals.

Exeter Sparks Fury After ‘Closing Students’ Only Kitchen’ Amid Hall Strike

Exeter accused of trying to ‘starve students into submission’ by closing JCR kitchen amid hall strike

Waho-mophobic? Club ‘kicked out students over gay kiss’

Oxford club in homophobia row after allegedly kicking out two male students for kissing

Best Dressed Clubbers- 4th Week

The best dressed clubbers in Oxford throughout 4th week! Did you make the list?

Best Dressed: Oxford Fashion Week’s ‘Fashionable Night Out’

As Oxford Fashion Week kicks off with a glamorous Fashionable Night Out party, we run you through the best looks

The ‘us and them’ divide between Oxford’s religious and sceptics must end

The Christian Union isn’t just about free toasties. It’s time we take it seriously, argues Rosemary Leech

Brasenose needn’t be so scared of the rainbow flag

Brasenose’s decision to not fly the rainbow flag during LGBTQ history month is a shocking disappointment from a ‘liberal’ college

Best Dressed: Union Prohibition Party

The very best dressed at the Union’s twenties themed Prohibition Party

‘IRA’ claims responsibility for Oxford bomb

‘New IRA’ claim responsibility for bomb scare on St Giles last week

Mockery Like This: CU Campaign Sparks Mock Memes

CU’s ‘Love Like This…’ campaign slammed with mock memes

Best Dressed At: Union Cocktail Night

The Best Dressed at a night of jazz and cocktails at the Union.

Shocking Stats Reveal Gender, Race and Disability Disadvantages At Finals

Black and Chinese students almost half as likely to get a first as White students

Oxford Students Not Putin Up with LGBT Attacks

Close to a hundred Oxford students descend on the Rad Cam to send a message to Vladimir Putin

Why we need more female voices in Oxford theatre

What happens when you revamp classic films to include female voices?

2014 Trinity Ball Guide

All the info you need in one place


Former UKIP MEP slammed for ‘disability taunt’

UKIP: Stop Raining on my Parade

JAMES STOKES takes on Oxford University UKIP over a local councillor’s claims that gay marriage causes bad weather

Club Fashion – 1st Week

Did you make the list?

Love Me Tinder

CHRIS PIKE sheds some light on the weird and wonderful world of everyone’s favourite dating app

Nab A Seat In Stephen Fry’s Oxford Lecture

Ticket ballot open now for students to attend the actor’s February lecture at St Catz

Style Diaries – 1st Week

Photo journals from Oxford’s most stylish students.

Oxford Hosts Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

Hundreds flock to Oxford’s Town Hall for an afternoon of rail-raiding and bargain hunting at everyone’s favourite clothes fair.

SU Officer Brands Undergrads ‘Little Shits’

Wadham MCR officer labels undergraduate students ‘little shits’ in email

Best of Movember

Some of the best Movember attempts this year.

Style Diaries – 7th Week

Photo journals from Oxford’s most stylish students

Mo’ Hero

Meet the girl from Worcester who’s putting all the Movember men to shame

Club Fashion – 6th Week

Oxford’s best dressed clubbers

OUSU Fash Off: Vote Now!

Read our editors’ verdict and cast your vote now on OUSU election fashion!

Style Diaries – 6th Week

Photo journals from Oxford’s most stylish students

Best Dressed At: Charity Fashion Gala

The very best looks from a glamour packed night

Best Dressed At: Ruskin Art Event

Oxford’s best dressed art lovers

Club Fashion – 5th week

Did you make the list?

Style Diaries- 5th Week

BNOC special edition of the photo-journal from Oxford’s most stylish students.

Vintage Fair Hits Oxford

Popping tags at Oxford’s Vintage Fair

Style Diaries – 4th Week

The photo-journal from Oxford’s most stylish students takes a trip to the Far East.

Best Dressed: Halloween

We take a look at some of Oxford’s best Halloween outfits

Style Diaries – 3rd Week

Photo-journals from Oxford’s most stylish students.

Best Dressed At: Oxford Guild Champagne Social

Because every outfit looks better accessorised with a champagne flute.

Fashmolean – Best Dressed at Museum Event

What were you wearing on Friday night?