‘IRA’ claims responsibility for Oxford bomb

‘New IRA’ claim responsibility for bomb scare on St Giles last week


A group calling itself the ‘New IRA’ has come forward to claim responsibility for a spate of letter bombs sent to Army Recruitment offices last week.

The campaign saw four suspected explosive devices were planted throughout England.

Amongst the targets was the Oxford Armed Forces Recruitment Office situated in St Giles. The area was evacuated for two hours last Thursday whilst a bomb disposal unit investigated the scene.

The Metropolitan Police has today said that the ‘IRA’ confirmed its role in the scare by contacting the Northern Irish newspaper, the Irish News, using a recognised code word.

The paper said that it was given a statement from the ‘IRA’ which read, “The IRA claims responsibility for the explosive devices that were sent to British armed forces recruitment centres in England. Attacks will continue when and where the IRA see fit.”

Scotland Yard has urged Oxford residents to be vigilant

The IRA disbanded after announcing an end of armed campaigns in 2005, but a group calling itself the New IRA formed in 2012 and has been linked letter bombs sent last autumn.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said, “We are aware of the claim of responsibility for the devices that were sent to Army recruitment centres in England last week”.

He added, “The public is urged to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline”.