Oxford City Centre Huge on Gay Hookup Site

Coming soon, to an undisclosed location shockingly close to you…

Oxford is host to more than just dreaming spires, as it looks like thousands of people have been checking out the hottest sites in town to get some on the side.

The popular gay hookup site, cruisinggays.com, lists places all over the country were those looking for a bit of fun can find it on short notice.

However, typing Oxford into the search bar yields some shocking results, with some of the most visited areas in central Oxford are also host to somewhat different activities.

Among the most popular sites for hooking up in Oxford was Oxford Train Station, with over two thousand people checking it out for suitability:

“Booking Office? More like Bonking Office”

Some more central locations include the toilets in M&S and BHS on Queen Street, where apparently hundreds of people have gone back “for a bit of fun”. We hope they washed their hands when they were done.

Now you know. And you can never un-know.

However, these site pale in comparison with the overpowering might of the Cumnor layby, which has been host to orgies, and has received a stellar 4 star review, and viewed by over ten thousand people.

It’s a bit of a trek, but according to the reviews well worth the effort.

Iffley Gym also made an appearance on the site, although apparently you can “never know what to expect”, leading to the venue receiving a measly 1 star review.

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