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Zachary Spiro
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Secretary General of Interpol calls for Union President Sullivan ‘to resign or take a leave of absence’

Urging Sullivan to not be “guided by his own interests”, pressure mounts for Sullivan’s resignation

No Confidence! Motion against President Sullivan to be brought in next week’s debate

Motion of No Confidence backed by over 30 members was delivered to the Oxford Union this morning

Oxford Union president Ben Sullivan arrested on suspicion of rape

Ben Sullivan brought in for questioning relating to alleged rape and attempted rape.

Mutiny at the Union as President Sullivan is abandoned by Union Officials

Union Officials sign a letter accusing Sullivan of having “either misunderstood… or deliberately [ignored] the Rules” over him preventing expenses claims being brought up in public.

Replacement Union Librarian announced after protest resignation

Librarian Kostas Chryssanthopoulos has today resigned his position in the Union, citing “repeated and constant attacks, which have been personal from the start”

Union Librarian walks out of debate in protest against President Sullivan

Cheers and applause are heard as the Librarian accuses President Sullivan of betraying the Union’s founding principles.

Liar! Union President Sullivan uses members’ cash in bid to gag The Tab and hide his ‘Banter Squadron’ past…then finally admits it

Ben Sullivan is trying to hand Union Members a £1200 legal bill to cover up his lies

OUSU Pres Rutland accuses over 600 students of supporting racism

A note published on Facebook last week accuses UKIP of ‘racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism.’

Wadham to hold referendum over “Veggie Mondays”

A referendum is to decide whether Monday meals will contain any meat or not

I, Too, Am Oxford: Students Speak out against Racism in Oxford

Hundreds of Oxford students hit the Rad-Cam on Sunday to highlight racial inequality in Oxford.

Oil Be Damned if my College is taking money from THEM!

St. Peter’s College hit with scandal as they accept £5m donation from controversial Oil and Gas Company.

Fancy a trip to Morocco?

The Oxford Union’s ball looks to be the easiest way to go overseas without becoming a rich wanker and actually getting on a plane.

Oxford City Centre Huge on Gay Hookup Site

Coming soon, to an undisclosed location shockingly close to you…

Rusticated Students can now use University Facilities

OUSU manages to actually help people.

Oriel JCR Disaffiliates from OUSU

In a tale of resignations, confusion and constitutional lawyers.

Opera? Of Cors-et is!

Heartstring’s ambitious production of the Marriage of Figaro looks to satisfy your more base desires while also putting on a cracking show.

Coke-fiends in the Bod

Oxford’s appetite for cocaine grows ever more ravenous, according to a new study.

7 Easy Ways to get out of Collections

What’s the alternative? Doing them?

Merton College unveils plans to rock the kasbah

And by ‘kasbah’, we mean ‘accommodation’. And by ‘rock’, we mean ‘build more’.

Fire at Ruskin Art Sale

Saturday’s event spices up…

A Night of High Fashion at FREVD’S

Fashion show gives us the best of “Northern Lights”, while also raising money for the homeless.

Why Are They All So Useless? OUSU Campaign Team Plagiarises Website

Gaffe-filled OUSU election continues as presidential candidate Jane Cahill’s website is revealed to be shamelessly copied from a design company.

The Eight most absurd things in OUSU Manifestos

The Tab reads them because you weren’t going to.

Academics caught trying to make up for not being very big (in their field)

Science says having a large Wikipedia article is an attempt to compensate for having a smaller than average ‘impact’.

Oxbridge full of same ‘elite’ names hundreds of years on

Being descended from Norman aristocracy may have its perks after all…

OUSU Candidate in Website disaster

Nathan Akehurst’s website says he “sucks really bad”.

Pembroke Punishes Rugby Club Social Secretary

He won’t be back until Hilary, and also has to fork out 500 pounds in fines.

We Know-les who you want

Beyonce made honorary member of Oriel JCR

Fowl Play in Oxford

Not pheasant to see first thing in the morning

Funding Black Hole for Humanities Library

Construction to be put on hold until University coughs up the cash

Coup at Overheard at Oxford University

Joe Miles removed from power, Johnson becomes the self-appointed dictator of Overheard at Oxford Uni

It’s Official: Oxford is more popular than Cambridge

More students want to study at Oxford University than ever before

Pembroke Rugby Boys in Hot Water

College crewdate cancelled as an email with a ‘misogynistic tone’ is leaked.

Boris turns down ‘Overheard at Oxford’ Administratorship

Coalition falls apart at the last minute, James Johnson left as sole winner of election


Turns out it isn’t that exotic at all. Apparently, it’s only a bear.

Overheard in Oxford: Boris is Back

Fans vote him in as admin on Overheard in Oxford


You probably won’t even notice. But we will.


You have a 1 in 10 chance of winning £50 next Tuesday

Oxford Dons Set For Halloween Strike

Major unions name October 31st as day for national walkout


Modernisation attempts lead to divisions within controversial OUCA

Huge New Mathematics Institute Finally Opens

Do you care? Because we do.