The Notts Best Dressed List: Freshers Edition

Should crocs and socks be allowed in 2022?

Moving to uni for the first time can be daunting and finding that perfect fit for a lecture can be even more intimidating. Yet those on this list have found that perfect balance of casual but bold and comfortable but showstopping.

Whether you express yourself through cosplaying as Pitbull or Ali G or stepping out in a pair of strawberry crocs, first impressions count. But those who have made the best dressed lift have mastered this craft with perfection.

The freshers that you are about to witness are Nottingham’s next up and coming fashionistas. Those that have made the list are the best of the best, displaying the latest trends and styles straight from the runway. You think you’ve got good taste? Think again.

As the pictures you are about to see will blow your mind. The fit. The pose. The look. It’s simply un-matched.

So, let’s go ahead and unveil the best dressed freshers in Notts 2022. Who do you think is the best dressed on the list?

Suited and Booted

Nothing shows more elegance and class than a suit and cigars. But with the undone bow tie? Oo là là.

insta: @lacksative

Crocs and Socks?

If these fit pics are to tell you anything, it’s that crocs and socks are making a comeback. Although it is not a personal style choice, it’s here and it’s happening. It isn’t for everyone, but if you style them right like these two have, you’ll be the best dressed in Notts.

insta: @joshuaagoss

BNOC Finalist

BNOC finalist and now best dressed! When you’re up for the biggest name on campus we know your style is good and this fit pic proves it.

Icons Only

Dress up is a fundamental to surviving Wednesday socials and it looks like Mr Worldwide and Ali G have not only made their way to Crisis but also the best dressed list.


No Paparazzi Please!

The key to a good fit pic is not just the look but also the pose and it looks like they’ve got that down to a tee.

Campus Chic

This is the perfect campus look . It’s not easy to look chic and be comfortable but a velour tracksuit will make a 2 hour lecture so much easier.


Some of the outfits you have seen may be questionable but they prove that 2022 is about pushing boundaries in fashion. Whether you’re wearing a matching sheep headband and glove duo or a simple suit, fashion is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Maybe now you’ll be drawing some style inspo from these fashion influencers or adding them to your Pinterest board. But what we know for sure is that they’re the best dressed around campus.

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