UoN scraps charge on dairy milk alternatives in campus coffee shops

A massive win for vegans

University of Nottingham are dropping the additional charge to dairy milk alternatives in its campus cafes.

Amidst an uncertain global environment right now, living costs are increasing and UoN want to make it more affordable for students spending on campus.

Additional measures include a reduction in the cost of the UoN reusable cups from £8 to £5 until the end of June. The 20p discount will still apply when a reusable cup is used in campus coffee shops.

After a price increase of hot drinks in UoN cafes came into play on Saturday 30th April, these money saving measures will surely go some way in allowing students to get their caffeine fix whilst on campus. It may even encourage more people to give plant-based a go.

The university has said in notices that have been posted around campus that this price increase is in response to “extreme weather conditions (that) have disrupted the coffee harvest and supply chains” which has “impacted both milk supplies and the production of disposable paper products”.

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