This is what kind of Notts student you are based on your favourite pancake toppings

Hooray for pancake day

In case you’ve forgotten, today is pancake day, and it wont be long until everyone starts heading to Sainsbury’s Local to grab every bottle of lemon juice available for their last minute meals.

After all, it’s not often you get a valid excuse to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – so why not make the most of it. Pancakes and pre-drinks anyone?

You may not have thought it, but the toppings you choose this Tuesday say quite a bit about who you are. Whether you’re a lemon and sugar lover, always fitting in with the crowd and wanting some stability in your life, or an ice cream and chocolate sauce-r who never makes their 9ams, we bet we can use your favourite toppings to guess what kind of Notts student you are.

Lemon and sugar

If this is your favourite topping this Tuesday, you’re definitely a lover of plain and simple. You know to stick with what works.

You probably study a subject focused on no-nonsense and logical answers, maybe Chemistry, Maths, Physics, or Engineering.

Pryzm is your preferred night out – a standard but dependable option – and you were probably in Broadgate Park in first year.

Fresh strawberries and whipped cream

If fresh strawberries are the highlight of your pancake experience, then we bet you know how to live the good life.

Your preferred night out is a night of cocktails rather than a pint at Sheaves, and you were most likely in Cripps or Hugh Stu in first year.

You probably study something way less mathematical than those going for lemon and sugar. You take something like Philosophy, PPE, English or History. Either way, you definitely know how to have a good time.

Nutella/chocolate spread

Another solid option for your pancake celebrations, Nutella is always a dependable choice.

Rock City is definitely your favourite club, and you make sure you’re at every Crisis.

You probably came from a hall like Rutland or Willoughby, or maybe you’re a resident on Jubilee.

You most likely study something like Business, Law or Economics, and you know you’re getting a good deal with your choice of pancake topping.

Maple syrup and butter

If you’re heading for a stack of American pancakes this Tuesday, with some syrup and butter to top it all off, then you’re a lover of the classics.

We bet you’re partial to an Ocean Friday, full of sweet and sickly anthems.

You must have come from a hall like Flo Bo, Lenton and Wortley, or Nightingale.

The vibe of this option fits those students in American Studies, Classics, Languages or Environmental Science. Whoever you are, you know how to pick a classy topping.

Ice cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles

Now this one is intense. If you’re a Notts student picking these three toppings on pancake day then you sure know how to have fun.

You possibly started off in Beeston Hall, St Peters Court or perhaps Raleigh Park, and your choice of club is something like Stealth or Unit 13.

Finally, the subject most likely to be heading for this choice of pancake is none other than Medicine. If there’s any students out looking for a sugar rush, it’s got to be the medics.

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