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BREAKING: Reports of a suspected ‘gunman’ in Lenton

Police are on the scene

There are reports of a suspected “gunman” near Midland Avenue in the popular student area of Lenton.

Photos of what appear to be a person with a gun on the streets on Lenton have been circulating social media with follow up footage showing police attending the scene.

It has since emerged that the “gunman” was actually a student with an imitation gun.

In a photo shared to Twitter by Dan S, a man who appears to be holding a gun can be seen in the street in front of houses in the residential area.

In an update by Dan S posted to Twitter, police officers who appear to be armed can be seen attending the scene calling for the suspect to make themselves known.

Chief Inspector Amy Styles-Jones, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Whilst these guns are basically harmless they do look very realistic and in this instance have caused alarm to people who saw two men carrying guns in the street.

“Police acted very swiftly to contain the area and arrest the two men involved and we would like to reassure people that the incident has now been dealt with. This should serve as a warning to people that carrying weapons – including imitation weapons – is taken extremely seriously.”

This is a breaking news article and will be updated as further information is released. 

Featured image courtesy of Dan S on Twitter.