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Dispersal order in place tonight in Lenton

This comes after numerous reports of loud parties and antisocial behaviour in the area

A dispersal order will be put in place in the area of Lenton from 6pm tonight, lasting 48 hours. The area is populated by a large number of students from the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

This order means that officers and police community support officers have been given additional powers that will allow them to direct people to leave an area if they are being disruptive. If the individuals do not listen to these directions or cause further disruption, they will be arrested. There will also be increased police presence in the area.

The decision was made following reports of loud parties yesterday, on Monday night, and antisocial behaviour.

Lenton, where the dispersal order is in place.

In a statement made on Canning Circus Police’s official Facebook page, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Amy English said: “It is totally unacceptable that residents should be kept awake into the small hours of the morning on a weekday night because people are partying.

“While we understand that relaxed restrictions mean that people can mix with others indoors and more outdoors, that does not give people a free pass to act in whatever way they please.

“A lot of people have work and young families that are being kept up due to the noise and it is totally disrespectful to ignore this and act inappropriately.

“That is why we have taken the decision to put this order in place. I want to residents to know that we understand their concerns and will take action to address them where we can.

“There will be an increased police presence in Lenton tonight and we will proactively be looking to tackle any antisocial behaviour where we see it.”

“Cases of Covid-19 continue to rise and when people are drinking and socialising, there is always a chance for the disease to spread further.

“Remember, you may have Covid-19 and be asymptomatic, so please be mindful when spending time with others that you may be unknowingly putting them at risk.

“Also, vaccines are not immediately effective and just because you have had your first jab, that does not mean you are fully protected against the virus and the variants.

“Please remain cautious and follow the government guidelines around hands, face and space.”

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