Everything Notts freshers don’t know because they started uni in a pandemic

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Thanks to our dear friend Rona, freshers have had a rough start to their university experience (maybe an understatement), but with the much anticipated opening of clubs, hopefully things will get better.

The Tab Notts has created a list of all of the iconic moments that freshers will have to endure this June. You’ve probably heard of the grimy clubs, Pom Pom’s liability stairs and drunken trips to Maccies. But what else has Notts got in store for its freshers?

Good luck with the culture shock!

Crisis, but REAL Crisis

Recently a first-year said to me, “We managed to get Crisis tickets.” It was for a sit-down session on a Monday. UoN freshers don’t truly understand what Crisis is. Tragic.

With the amount of effort that goes into getting £30 tickets and getting stuck with nine pm entry, freshers are in for a TREAT next year when they go to a real Crisis.

Ocean Wednesdays

Few people who attend Ocean Wednesdays remember anything the next day. The night consists of everyone either in fancy dress or wearing little to no clothing coupled with an adequate amount of cheese to scream.

All Trent freshers are advised to join a sport or society for this beauty alone.

Trent SU Saturdays 

Trent SU Saturdays have to make it on the list with some even calling it “the best night out ever.”

As soon as UoN students got wind of what a good night it was, suddenly, all rivalries were set aside with questionable friendships being formed in order to have the chance of getting in.

Actually knowing people who do your course

The best bonds are formed through turning up to your second seminar of the year and looking at someone who looks as equally as baffled as you. I just don’t think you get that same feeling over Zoom.

This, coupled with not having all the society social events at the beginning of the year, means that freshers will have to work twice as hard next year to find some friends they can sit with.

Free Lemonade Monday/Tape Tuesday Wristbands 

Another club night freshers might not fully have grasped the concept of is Lemonade Monday at Pryzm.

At UoN, for those like myself who lived in Broadgate, the reps didn’t even know we existed. I will forever remember the stress of begging our friends in other halls for as many spare wristbands they had.

On top of this, on some nights getting there at 12, your wristbands would be fine. On some nights, you’d arrive at 11:45, and for some reason, you had to pay?

Spending a guilty amount of time in Vinyl; overthinking whether you’d spent enough time in Curve, is a feeling freshers just can’t relate to.

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