10 reasons why it’s absolutely essential you rent a hot tub in your uni garden

It’s the new Ocean x

Lockdown 3.0 has left us with little to do- other than drink, sleep, work, and repeat. So when we decided to hire a hot tub for a week, it was one of the best decisions we could’ve made.

We rented our own in Notts from Harry’s Hot Tubs, who ensure only the best of the best. Providing students all around the country (and celebs) with absolute bargain deals, you don’t need to look any further.

Here’s 10 reasons which prove why you absolutely need one too:

Big night drinking

It’s no Crisis, or Shapes, but it’s a good Ocean alternative. Get that Baywatch blaring and take a dip into your own personal abyss. With some VK’s on hand (this time not hitting you in the head), you’re set for a solid night with your mates. 

Extra perk: No need for spenny uber’s or long treks down Derby Road: just a few steps out the back door. 

Hangover cure

So the following morning, when your mouth feels as dry as Gandhi’s flip flops and your head is pounding like the bass in Stealth (miss you), you can hop in for a refreshing pick-me-up. 

Forget lounging around on your rock hard uni-sofa, or hiding your head under your duvet, get outside and get some fresh hot tub air. 

Leave your hang-xiety behind and let the bubbles take care of all your troubles.

Post-workout relax

Gyms may be shut, but that’s not stopping the gym lad sessions. Whether that’s a makeshift gym in the garden, or you’re still on that Chloe Ting hype (PTSD), you undoubtedly need to rejuvenate those muscles after a hefty session. 

The David Lloyd days are behind you, since you’ve now got your own spa just within steps of the comfort of your own home. 

Alternative for a shower

If you’ve got that housemate who goes about 5 days without a shower (if you don’t, it’s probably you), then quite literally pick them up and chuck them in the hot tub. 

The chemicals will sort them right out and you can stop wearing your face mask in the house. Even better, you don’t actually need to have that awkward conversation that they smell like that piece of cheese that’s been in the back of the fridge since the beginning of the year.

Birthday party

Lockdown birthdays are reaching new levels of repetitiveness after a year. You’ve done the bar crawl round your house, a fancy dinner party all dressed up and several homemade bottomless brunches- it’s time to spice things up.

What could be a better birthday surprise for your mate than a spanking new hot tub in your uni garden. It will not disappoint and your mate will be forever indebted to you for the best birthday ever (tried and tested). 

Swimming lessons

With Summer holidays a miss, we unfortunately didn’t participate in our favourite activity. Now’s your chance to get those headstands and butterfly lengths in (kind of). 

Grab your goggles, pool noodles and flippers and cannonball right in. Just be careful that your modest uni garden doesn’t flood- other than that go for it, Tom Daley. 

A good insta post

Content creation is hard these days, and I’m not making my friend drive me to yet another car park to get a good pic. Make your insta feed pop with a rogue hot tub post that would even make Molly Mae proud. 

Didn’t need a trip to the Maldives after all!

Make all your mates jealous (obviously)

What’s more certain to make all your friends jealous, than when you send a snapchat absolutely luxing it out in your very own hot tub. 

They’ll be begging to get involved, but sorry- household’s only I’m afraid. 

Good revision spot

Hallward and George Green might be all the hype- but they don’t quite match up to bashing out your midterm essay from the comfort of a soothing bathe. Nothing quite sparks the inspiration to smash your degree and get a big city job like getting a taste of the life that could be to come. 

Warning: make sure to position your laptop securely to avoid any disasters. 

Escaping lockdown boredom

Fill your days with something other than online shopping and counting down the days until June 21st. Nothing cures lockdown boredom quite like this, just stay in it until you turn into a raisin.