These Notts students built a pool in their uni garden, and it’s sick

It only cost £110!

Nottingham Trent students George, Lily and Darren have taken lockdown creativity to the next level by building a pool in their back garden for an absolute bargain of only £110.

In fact, it’s not just a pool, it’s a heated pool. Using an immersive water heater/coil purchased from Amazon, the pool is able to stay warm regardless of the unreliable Midlands weather.

Project managed by George, the entire build took only a week. The structure itself is made from wooden pallets, sourced for free from Facebook Marketplace and vinyl flooring that had been fly-tipped nearby. They also used B&Q decking planks to clamp the heavy duty waterproof tarpaulin down, which was purchased from Amazon. They also bought a filter and chlorine to keep the pool clean.

George told The Tab Nottingham that the reason for the spontaneous build was “because we got bored and we’re quite creative, coming from a design/manufacturing background.”

Having not been in the house for months, yet, like many students still paying the bills that are included in their rent, they felt the pool was a fair compromise. They aren’t worried about their landlord, as they weren’t required to pay a deposit and the structure is self supported and not attached to the house, so they intend to take it down before leaving.

This pool will no doubt be an integral part of their post-lockdown pre-drinks, and in the meantime it will provide a relaxing break from lectures.