Your prayers have been answered: the Nottingham sign has finally had a makeover

The infamous Instagrammable spot on campus is looking its best again

The Nottingham sign on University Park Campus has finally received well-needed restoration after it deteriorated rapidly to the point of disarray.

Many students were disappointed with its previous condition, with one ‘Nottsfessional’ member stating “half the front is falling off and I want a decent picture in front of it before I graduate”.

One final year student told The Tab Notts, “I ripped a bit of the ‘G’ off the old sign as it was already broken so I have a bit of the sign with me forever, even after I leave Nottingham”.

The sign before renovation

In previous years, it has been tradition for graduates to take smiling photographs in front of the sign to commemorate their time at the university. Others suggested that the once beautiful sign was now an ‘eyesore’.

The sign is infamous to all Nottingham students, it has been the centrepiece of many social media posts, and when you first visit the university, it is a cheerful welcome.

It has not always remained in perfect condition, however. In 2016, the seven foot ‘I’ was stolen, which made for some entertaining pictures where students pretended to be the missing letter.

In these extraordinary times, a newly refurbished sign was a little victory that we as Notts students needed.

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