Every type of Notts student you’ll find in lockdown

Don’t lie, you’re one of them

To much despair, it’s recently been announced that Nottingham is set to go into the second tier of the new lockdown system. Unfortunately, this can only mean one thing- we’re screwed.

We’ve had our taste of freedom; roaming about the idyllic streets of Lenton, re-acquainting ourselves with our favourite grungy pub and catching up with those mates we haven’t seen in what feels like a year. But it’s inevitable, lockdown is on it’s way back and frankly there’s nothing we can do.

Lockdown at home was weird enough, but the thought of isolating at uni is a whole different ball game. Whether you’re that keeno that’s going to be up at 9am actually attending your online seminar (?!) or the legend who starts their day with a shot of tequilla, here’s a definitive list of every student you’ll find cooped up in their humble abode in Notts.

The Hibernator

It’s 2pm, you’re in your pj’s and binging your third episode of Friends of the day. You have not yet embarked on that treacherous adventure to the kitchen, and frankly you have no intention to do so.

No need to leave the house also means no need to leave your bed. Finally an excuse to embrace you’re inner self and stay in bed until you fancy some Monster Munch from your cupboard downstairs. Netflix all day, every day and you’re absolutely living the dream.

The Heavy Drinker

You’ll know your part of this elite group if you find yourself saying “It’s 5pm somewhere” shortly after finishing your wholesome bowl of Weetabix in the morning. Probably the best category of people, you always know how to have a good time and lockdown is as good an excuse as any to go on a bender.

The Hard-worker, (A.k.a Neek)

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we find the very rare breed of uni students who are actually up at 9am to participate in their online seminar. As shocking as it is, yes there are actually people out there who are taking their degree seriously. Respect to you lot and here’s hoping you get that first.

The Night-Owl

Day and night blend into one as you convince yourself that you’re spending your time “productively”. The only Vitamin D you’ll be taking in will be in the early hours of the am before you head off to bed.

The Baker

Everyone’s got that housemate who thinks that they’re the next Mary Berry. No need to complain however, your Friday afternoon snack is sorted with some freshly baked brownies. (Cheers mum for the money)

The Fitness Fanatic

You can’t take the gym out of gym lads. This lot will find a nifty way to keep themselves fit as those dumbbells will be replaced by the next best thing in your uni house.

The Tik-Tok Addict

Tik-Tok might’ve been all the talk a few months back, but believe it or not there’s still some of you out there trying to go viral. Your days are spent perfecting the most recent dance trend or banterous sketch, as you look for the perfect excuse to leave that degree behind and join the Hype House.

The Social Media Influencer

Frankly, your day is the same as everyone else’s right now. But, trust that artistic eye of yours to snap that picturesque sunset on campus and your Instagram stories are once again wholesome, making everyone else jealous.

The Rule-breaker

Hiding behind the shadows in Lenton you have *that* group of students going about their life as if everything were normal. They don’t look at the news and frankly they don’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss they say, as all 7 of them stroll through Kimbolton at 10.15pm.

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