Cardboard cutouts of Dominic Cummings have appeared around Nottingham

A lion in Old Market Square has also been covered by a face mask.


Cardboard cutouts of Dominic Cummings with various messages written on them have appeared in Nottingham. According to Twitter, the work is by artist Jason Hall.

The appearance of the work comes amid a surge of wide-spread criticism of the Prime Minister’s chief advisor, after he drove from London to Durham during lockdown.

The first sighting of one of the cutouts was in Old Market Square. A similar cutout has subsequently been spotted in Redhill, Nottingham.

Cutout Cummings holds a sign reading, “You’re disposable, I’m essential.” (Image: Tony, EightBitTony)

The cutout is placed in Old Market Square in front of the left lion, by Council House. The lion has also been covered by a giant face mask, made from a bungee rope and tarpaulin.

The piece is a critique of PM Boris Johnson’s chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, who was recently involved in a media storm as calls for his resignation peaked, after driving from London to Durham during the Covid-19 lockdown in spite of Government advice instructing people to stay home.


The sign that the cutout of Cummings holds reads “Back to school”. Children across the UK were set to return to class on June 1st—although many schools across Nottinghamshire chose not to re-open due to fears that adequate safety provisions could not be provided to pupils and staff.

Covid-19 has affected the daily lives of the entire nation and Notts students are no exception to its impact; they are having to adjust to online university; pay rent to “unethical” student accommodation providers; and some are having to work into the early hours of the morning to attend their ‘study abroad’ lectures in Australia.

Cover image: Tony, EightBitTony