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Here is a definitive list of the things people don’t tell you about going back home from uni for the first time

It’s a complete lifestyle change

Going back home from university for the first time is a very strange experience.

Having been so dependent on freezer food as a student, returning home to a piping hot meal (which you haven't had to cook) is pretty incredible. Many also underestimate the utter bliss of having an undisturbed night sleep in the comfort of your own bed, without the disturbance of your drunk neighbour making an appearance at 5am.

Yeah, these are pretty great, but here’s 5 things people don’t tell you on what to expect when you get home from Uni.

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Parents will never get their heads around your uni body-clock

A parent working 9-5 will have their days planned out: early rise for breakfast, work all through the day, early night then repeat. How can that be applied to a Uni student? Every move you make will be questioned. “It’s 1am, isn’t it a bit late to be going out?” – no mum, you don’t get it.

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The inevitability of awkwardly bumping into your ex

Leaving your home is the fresh start everyone needs when you break up with someone. Moving across the country means there's no risk of bumping into them at your local shops or nightclub and having drunk conversations in the smoking area about how they shouldn’t be dancing with some stranger that's a 4/10 at best. Sounds ideal right? Yeah sure, but what about when you go home? You get a flood of information when you all reconvene and it winds you up even more. “He got with how many first years?! Traitor”.

Seeing old friends that you 'promised' to visit at uni

University life is undeniably hectic. Students are made to balance making friends and TRYING to attend lectures alongside the general drunken blur that is being a student. Plus, we need to make time for vital naps.

But it can all get a bit too much. All these distractions can lead to one major error: forgetting about your best friends back at home. Your everyday contact will get more sporadic and you'll end up feeling more and more detached. Then when you get home, you'll have a few drinks and try to explain why you haven't been in contact enough, whilst crying.

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No more lie ins

You can be tucked up in bed, having only fallen asleep a few hours before because you’ve been up all night binge watching ‘The Haunting of Hill House', when you get a rude awakening. Your parents will stride into your room and demand that you stop being lazy and get up immediately. Clearly they don't understand that, yes it might be midday, but sleep is sleep and I am in no rush. That would never happen at Uni.

Basically living out of your suitcase

Lets face it, unpacking is the most dull chore ever. But the troubles that come with an unpacked suitcase are enough to last you a lifetime. You're getting ready for a big night out, and after looking for your best outfit for fifteen minutes, its got more creases in than your mates forehead when you pull your coursemate in Crisis. If that's not enough, your mum hates seeing that mountain of clothes on the floor and has a go every single time she sees it: "clearly you're not staying for long then".

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University is an experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We all get carried away, and that's what makes it amazing!

Clearly our parents will never understand that uni culture is not the same experience that they had back in their day. So, they need to accept our new way of life when we return back home for the first time.