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Three Notts students have set up their own letting agency

They hope to change the state of letting in Lenton

A new letting agency has been formed by Notts students to combat all the problems that students face searching for housing.

The state of student letting is dire in Lenton, Dunkirk and Beeston, where letting agencies are eager to deceive students, charge higher prices by the year, and steal every penny from hefty damage deposits.

Green and Gold Lettings agency, run by three current Nottingham University students, aim to fill the great void of dissatisfaction that arises when students are forced to manoeuvre the world of letting agencies and deviant landlords.

This agency seeks to save money for students whilst also offering accurate and honest information about their properties. The objective is that as it expands as a business it will continue to be a student-run venture and will streamline the process, allowing more time for students to be wholly productive.

Green and Gold Letting agency use Instagram as a unique advertising tool for the property. With a fleet of around 50 properties and providing useful and accurate information, they can offer a more student-centric approach to housing in Nottingham.

The Nottingham student market is rife with incompetence and contempt for students, and the odds of going through your whole student career without encountering an issue is akin to that of procuring tickets to the Crisis all-frighter.

Countless horror stories have been told by students, ranging from letting agencies threatening and intimidating their tenants over rent dispute, to landlords going missing for half the year or the increasingly common occurrence of pitiful amounts of the deposit being returned. In an industry cursed with inadequacy, only demonstrating competence and professionalism would be enough to take Green and Gold Lettings to the top.

Let’s hope the students of this city finally get a service they deserve in Green and Gold letting agency.