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Inside the University’s newest accommodation: Beeston Hall

It’s the cabin in the woods

Students have now officially moved into Beeston Hall, the University's newest accommodation on campus.

Beeston Hall is offered at the University's most competitive rate of £5,800 for 39 weeks inclusive of all charges and services. It's part of the Rutland cluster and students have full access to social and study spaces at Rutland.

Each bedroom in Beeston Hall is furnished with a queen-size bed, alongside the usual study equipment, wardrobe and refrigerator.

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The bedroom is slightly larger than average room sizes on campus

A spokesperson from the University said that Beeston Hall was created because "the University guarantees accommodation to first year students who apply before the end of July each year. But increasing numbers of students are asking to live on campus, so we've created a further 325 rooms on campus this year.

“The former Cripps Health Centre has been converted to create 55 new rooms as a new annex to Cripps Hall, and we have developed a further 40 rooms in a previously unused block at Sutton Bonington.

“A further 230 rooms have been created in the new Beeston Hall close by to DRSV. Rooms are fully furnished to the same high standard as our other accommodation and include queen size bed, desk wardrobe and refrigerator.”

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Although the exterior looks plain at present, it's actually going to be designed by the students themselves living there.

The spokesperson said the decision for this came about because students "always want to personalise their rooms to make them home, and we thought the student residents of Beeston Hall would like a say in how their accommodation looks from the outside as well."

Later this term there will be a poll of design options for residents to decide how they wish the exterior to look.