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Sorry, Love Island producers, these are the things that need to happen next year to keep us watching

There’s hope for us yet

So, another summer of love, lust and lip-locking has cracked on and come to an end. As the nation desperately hunts for something to fill that 9 pm void (tip: watching clips of Iain Stirling hosting CBBC won't cut it), it's worth asking:

Was this series of Love Island as good as it could have been?

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Were you happy with this series or could you have been happier?

It's true, this series attracted a record number of viewers. The arrival of Dani Dyer as the nation's unproblematic sweetheart, the backstabbing antics of Adam and Muggy Meg and of course watching the slow, painful (and deserved) downfall of Dr Alex pulled in ratings. Despite this, many of us found ourselves feeling less invested in the show and even a bit bored.

Well, Love Island producers, don't fret. Here are the things that must change in order to keep us hooked next series:

Switch up the contestants

The show is nothing without interesting characters. That's where this year the show seemed to fall flat. Too many islanders seemed to lack any personality. They all started blurring into one (does anyone even remember the names of the Casa Amor girls?)

Next series, the producers should put more effort into scouting a more diverse range of young people. The show faced criticism over its lack of racial diversity but it goes further than that. There could be a greater range of diversity in backgrounds, body types, sexual orientation and characteristics. Not only would this be more representative but it would create more interesting material between clashing personalities.

Dump Casa Amor and great creative with twists

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Casa Amor led to Jaz but is it necessary to emotionally manipulate the islanders?

If there is one thing Love Island viewers tune in for its DRAMA. Drama gets lips flapping and ratings soaring . But, sorry, Casa Amor is no longer the shock twist it used to be.

If anything, viewers seemed turned off by the emotional manipulation of Jani by producers. There's a difference between creating challenges for the couples and misleading contestants for the hell of it. Drama can easily be created without producers twisting things and frustrating viewers.

@lookingforlewys had the idea of contestants choosing to split or keep the 50k BEFORE entering the show. Now, that would definitely bring a twist to proceedings.

Other twists could include islanders voting to bring back evicted contestants (Adam would have definitely shook things up) or islanders being able to REFUSE being coupled up with the other person (#FreeAlexandra2k18).

Maybe, instead of couples winning nights in the hideaway, they could win the ability to ask the outside world a question. (That whole lying Georgia scenario could have been cleared up properly).

Make the games mean something

The games are a way to lighten things up and keep episodes interesting but that doesn't mean they have to be pointless.

How about instead of just sending in new islanders, the winners get to vote which islanders they want to join? The newbies that end up joining will therefore be people that are more likely to couple up and make a difference.

Plus, if you're going to play the 'fill in the blank tweets' game then you might as well make it as savage as possible. It was a real disappointment when none of the tweets revealed the truth behind the Georgia/Jack kiss.

Take advantage of the growing Love Island Universe

What's the point in having a villa full of hot Australian Love Islanders a stones throw away if you're not going to use them to spice things up?

I know, I know – the logistics of it all might be a bit complicated. It would be impossible for islanders from different shows to couple up BUT instead of the villa and Casa Amor competing for treats how about villas from different shows competing?

It would definitely be something different and, from the looks of it, Love Island Australia had a lot of interesting characters in it…

Let the islanders chat

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The funniest and most authentic moments come when the islanders are allowed to talk naturally

Is it just me or were the conversations in the island this year always so forced? That might be down to the banishing of the smokers area but definitely less screentime was given to the islanders having a good old gossip. The producers should provide the booze and then butt out – natural chats are always more entertaining than forced ones.

So there we have it.

Comment and tag your mates with your own ideas on what Love Island needs to keep you hooked.

Do you think it hit the mark this series or was it definitely not your type on paper?