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Beyonce, drinking games and Mr Brightside: Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s first year at Oxford

Malala has enjoyed enjoyed days of polo, charity events and Oxford ‘bops’


Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has just completed her first year at Oxford University, and it has recently been revealed exactly what her fresher year has entailed.

Malala has enjoyed a year of partying at her residence in Oxford, attending socials with the university's Hindu Society, Polo Club, Christian Union and Islamic Society.

Despite not drinking, Malala has still got stuck in, joining in with 'pennying', a drinking game involving throwing a penny in someone's drink resulting in you having to down your drink or drinking a shot out of your own shoe.

Studying Philosophy Politics and Economics at Lady Margaret Hall (LMH), Malala has taken first year by storm, joining the hall's Ball committee for 2019 and being elected social secretary for her college, placing her in charge of holding and organising 'bops' – Oxford's, sometimes wild, campus parties.

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Malala with friends participating in Hindu Society's Holi celebrations

Malala is said to have learnt how to dance to Beyoncé, with one friend saying she is "on the R&B vibe". Another friend, Varaidzo Kativhu said: "Sometimes we stay up all night listening to Beyonce and Rihanna and eating Indian takeaway."

During Freshers' Week, Malala also attended a Christian Union party, went to a Polo taster session hosted by the university team, and beat older students at Scrabble.

Friends have spoken very highly of the Nobel Peace Prize winner since she arrived at Oxford after completing her A-Levels at Edgbaston in Birmingham, a prestigious school costing £12,000 annually, last year. Friends said: "Malala has a really dry sense of humour and can take the micky out of herself, she is liked by all the students and gets on with everyone."

Another close friend of hers on the LMH Ball committee commented after her successful election that, "she's dealt with some of the most famous people on the planet and now has the responsibility for putting on college parties, we are expecting the good and the great at the bops when she takes over."

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Malala's joint social sec, fellow LMH resident Tiger Akawin, was elected to the role two weeks ago. Akawin and Malala's manifesto points to his achievements and jokingly adding, "Malala's also done some good stuff."

Their campaign promises included changing the pizza served at bops from Dominos to Franco Manca, and appealing to those who hate the song Mr Brightside by saying they will introduce a democratic poll in selecting the music played.

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Malala has tried out a number of the university's societies, attended a talk about cryptocurrency, dressed up to celebrate Oxford's annual Diwali Ball held on campus, and joined the ladies cricket club.

She also has two armed bodyguards accompanying her during her time at Oxford, after the Pakistan Taliban leader Mullah Fazlullah ordered an attack on her in 2012.

Malala has become especially close to fellow Lady Margaret Hall resident Varaidzo Kativhu, who makes vlogs on YouTube under the name 'Miss Varz'.

Varaidzo said: "Malala is a Fresher and gets treated like every other Fresher here. She is left alone in college to do her own thing. People here respect her space. You have to earn your respect at LMH, even if you are one of the most famous young women in the world."

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