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Trent have finally beaten UoN in The Guardian league tables

Dear UoN, it’s time to up your game

With the end of the year around the corner, that can only mean one thing: a cataclysmic shift in the table rankings of unis in Nottingham. After years of rivalry between green and gold versus pink, white and blue, NTU have pipped UoN to the post in the battle of The Guardian 2019 league tables.

The 2018 university rankings in The Guardian saw UoN flying 15 ranks higher than NTU, and in the space of a year, University of Nottingham have heart wrenchingly dropped one spot below Nottingham Trent.

UoN are even ranked .6 points worse than NTU in The Guardian’s score out of 100.

Nottingham Trent were placed at the 53rd spot in the 2017 league tables, 34th in 2018, and now have eclipsed their Russel Group rival to gain a very respectable ranking of 16th.

Whilst NTU have flailed behind in previous years, UoN have clearly been slacking, with a 25th ranking in 2017, 19th in 2018, and 19th in 2019 after a recent turn of events. This isn’t merely NTU beating UoN in the 2019 league tables, they’ve also raced ahead into the best spot out of the competitors for the past three years.

With Trent’s improvements being made for the past few years and with their great performance, on fashion, textiles and art, in particular, maybe we UoN attendees can’t be that shocked. Nottingham Trent are at the brink of reining the title of Nottingham's best university.