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We talked to the Nottingham student who won £1,300 in HQ Trivia

Drinks on her for the rest of the year


Second year Nottingham student Clodagh Marston has managed to win a whopping £1,333 trying her luck and playing a game of HQ Trivia in George Green library.

HQ Trivia is an online iPhone game where players can participate for free in daily trivia games through which they can win a huge pot or split prize money if they can correctly answer a series of questions of increasing difficulty.

Having her win gone viral on Notts Buy/Sell, we decided to talk to Clodagh about her incredible and suprising win and what she'll do with the money.

What did it feel like when you won?

To be honest was just ecstatic I won HQ because all my housemates and I play together and no one has ever won before then it hit that I’d won the money and I was shaking it was so surreal

How many questions did you have to answer?

I think it was around 12. Normally they start off as really easy and then they get progessively harder and harder up until the 12th one. With luck, I managed to win the jackpot!

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What was the final question?

If I can remember, I think it was something like which director had won 3 oscars or something which the answer was William Wyler. I was too overwhelmed to remember!

Have you played before? Are you a veteran?

I just knew a couple of questions and guessed the rest really, I played like 60 games over Easter and never won anything so it’s just absolute luck

It must've been crazy to win that much from a game of HQ, has the feeling set in yet?

I still can't stop the excitement. It's been absolutely crazy winning the massive jackpot!

And finally, what are you going to spend it on?

Probably just spend it all on VKs at Crisis!