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Meet the student behind spotted_uon, the Instagram account embarrassing freshers with wild videos

Gossip Girl meets the Midlands

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you might have heard of the mysterious Instagram account known as spotted_uon.

The account, only created two weeks ago, is a collection of embarrasing videos and photos of freshers at Notts, usually from nights out. All the posts are sent in anonymouslly by friends who are in search for a claim to fame.

Videos range from students throwing up out of windows, crazy come-downs on the Downs, to basically having sex on Ocean's balcony. Not quite the steps of the Met, but this is Notts, not Manhattan afterall.

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Rumour says the account was started by a fresher, who is believed to reside in Sherwood, but we are as in the dark as you are.

The Tab exclusively interviewed the admin behind the anonymous account:

The account which was started just over a week ago already has over 1.5k followers, so what compelled you to start the page?

"I was just bored one day and was scrolling through leedsfestspotted and decided that something similar for Uni of might be jokes"

What's the maddest content that has been sent through?

"I've been sent a video of a guy snorting ket from a dusty, muddy and filthy carpet. I didn't upload it though because I didn't want to ruin the guys rep."

So, is that what the screening process is like for videos that don't make it onto the page?

"Yeah, I filter out videos that are way too raucous for Instagram and those which are only funny to people in on the joke, that way everyone can appreciate it."

Have you gotten any heat from the Uni? Do people know your true identity?

"Nah, the account has been left on private to prevent the uni from seeing anything. The stuff I upload isn't bad enough to get people into trouble with the uni anyways, so we're all good for the moment. Only three people know who I am and I'm not sure if and when I'll tell people…"

What do you want the future page to look like?

"Just a larger following I guess and more awareness of the page. It's a bit problematic because only a fraction of Notts have instagram but that's something we can deal with as the page grows."

Get onto the Spotted_UON page. You never know, you might already be featured…

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