We found out which clubs in Nottingham are open tonight, if you really fancy braving the snow

Would rather be at La Folie though

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It was fun at first, but let’s face it the snow is starting to get on people’s nerves. It’s Friday, and unless your dissertation has taken over your life, you want to go out.

But with Lenton currently experiencing sub-zero temperatures and further snow forecast for this evening, you might be forgiven for snaking the group and putting that ticket on buy/sell, or worse, fearing the clubs won’t even be open.

Expect even more of the Frozen soundtrack than usual

Superclub Ocean is expected to be doors wide open for their special snOcean, as manager Andy Hose

Ink, Pryzm and Rock City are all open tonight as well while Skepsis will still be tearing it up at Brickworks.

So, cloakroom fees and UBER surges aside, it's business as usual tonight. Northerners, you won't even need a jacket.