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This Notts restaurant will give you £500 if you can eat this frankly ridiculous chicken nugget

A mid exam guilt eating session anyone?

The restaurant chain is offering £500 to anybody who can eat the 1.5kg giant chicken nugget along with a double portion of fries. The huge nugget is the equivalent of 85 normal nuggets.

The gauntlet has been thrown down by Rub Smokehouse, who say the fat content of the ‘Nugzilla’ is about 330 grams and it contains 4,500 calories in total. That's more than double your calorie allowance per day. Keeping the food down is key, if you vomit you forfeit.

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Can you… handle it. (Image Credit: Rub Smokehouse)

The current time to beat is 6 minutes 20 seconds, with anybody who has the best time at the end of January receiving £500 in vouchers. Entrants that make it in under 10 minutes will be entered on the rub leader board and recieve the meal for free.

The Terms & Conditions are Below

1. The challenge is to eat and drink this unaided in the quickest time possible.
2. The Challenger must not leave the table while the challenge is on.
3. If the Challenger vomits then their entry is void.

4. The Challenger must not share the #Nugzilla.
5. The entry will only be accepted if all is eaten including the fries and all sauce mopped up.
6. Drinks are allowed.
7. All challenge attempts must be made with a reservation, adding the challenge attempts in the notes.(In the Comments Put #Nugzilla Challenge Reservations must be made via our website. Challenges cannot be accept on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can enter the eating competition at any Rub Smokehouse & Bar Site.
8. The winner is the challenger with the fastest time under 6m20s. This will be announced on facebook and via our newsletter in late January 2018. This competition is governed by the laws of England & Wales. Facebook are not associated with this competition or are liable.
9. Any times under 10 minutes will not be charged for, and will receive a free T-Shirt in the Post
10. The rules and timings for this competition can change at any time. You of course are welcome to buy the T-shirt if you finish it in any other time.
11. Employees, contractors and relatives of Rub Smokehouse employees are void from entering the competition.
12. If the 6m minute 20 second record is not broken no top prize will be given.

The Winner will receive £500 in Rub Vouchers, may the fastest eater win. GOOD LUCK!!