Almost half of Nottingham’s students will be voting for Labour

Most defined policy as the most influencial factor for their vote

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The Tab has recently sent out a survey asking students around the country how and why they would be voting in the upcoming general election on June 8th. Most Nottingham students responded they would be voting for labour. 373 students from Nottingham responded to the survey in which 49.6% of all respondents said they’d be voting labour with 28.7% saying they would vote Tory and 16.3% saying they would vote for the Lib Dems.

Here’s the breakdown of all the responses

When asked why they would vote for their chosen party, students listed a various responses that they would describe as the most influential factor in their decision. An overwhelming majority at 52.3% said that policy was the most valuable aspect to their vote. 12.9% responded that their party affiliation would be their most important reason and only 2.7% said they’d vote for a party just because their parents would as well.

Interestingly, 60% of those who said they would be voting Labour said policy was their most important reason for voting where only 38.7% of those voting for the conservative share that view. Whilst this survey is only an indication of the political trends on campus, one thing can be said for sure, Nottingham students are politically conscious and contradictory to popular belief are making decisions based of their own political judgment.