Crisis tickets sold out literally immediately


Honestly, this isn’t even news anymore. But, in case you did miss the termly chaos that is Crisis tickets going on sale, don’t worry you probably wouldn’t have got a ticket anyway.

saddest sight of 2017 so far

At 1pm today Crisis tickets for the summer term, the 7th, 14th and 21st of June, went on sale. Of course, as per, the server crashed, everyone panicked, and then the tickets were gone.

By the time Crisis emailed out to say they were on sale, at 1:04pm, the website was down and they were all sold out.

Even if tickets were in your basket, they weren’t reserved, adding a confusion to the pandemonium. It was a roller coaster.

Everyone was immediately on Buy/Sell, where the beg, stealing and swapping has already begun. There’s literally hundreds of people wanting a ticket or swapping ticket times, so hope isn’t lost if you didn’t get what you wanted. Just be quick.

how tf did you get 12 tickets though?! Tell me your secrets

Crisis have been responding to people on twitter, apologising for (blaming) the ticket provider fixr, who run their site. The club changed ticket provider last year after too many issues with fatsoma, who used to be responsible for the ticket site. Since then, the website has continued to crash every time the tickets go on sale, the demand is clearly just too much.

If you’re still at UoN next year the tickets for September go on sale on the 20th of August. Honestly, just keep the tab open until then to be safe.

And please spare a moment for all those graduating, who will never experience another night at Crisis. Never again. R.I.P me.

Andy Hoe you’d better come through with enough GraduOcean tickets to satisfy the angry masses next month.