Students save and nurture a hedgehog back to health

They were worried they would have to start planning a vigil

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A group of Nottingham student safely rescued a hedgehog last night who was feeling a bit worse for wear. After finding him wandering and confused on the bridge that crosses the train tracks near Church Street in Lenton, Alex, her girlfriend George, and house-mate Katie decided to rescue the lost hog.

It wasn’t looking good for the newly named ‘Dave’, and even after taking him home and constructing a cardboard house for the little guy, he wasn’t showing any signs of recovery. However, George ensured Dave’s heart warming story of life and death would be told to the world by uploading a post to Buy/Sell tickets (Notts) on Facebook in the hope that somebody, anybody, could help.

The post received nearly three hundred likes overnight, turning Dave into a local sensation, he even got his own hashtag: #savedave.

Although there was a fee mentioned, it is not possible to buy Dave. Dave is a wild, free spirit. Whilst some who commented were just out to have a joke, offering words of advise such as: “Your dog looks unwell” or “Kill him and stew, men must eat,” others were more concerned, including Chloe, who worked at a wildlife sanctuary and offered to take Dave in. Chloe was able to  provide the vital care that Dave needed in order to rejoin his pals on the street (not all heroes wear capes). She gave him a winning concoction of cat food, water and warm bedding and he was up and about in no time.

When contacted, Dave’s rescuers said that they were just relieved he survived, as they weren’t “prepared to organise a vigil.”

Today, Dave was driven to Brinsley animal rescue, where he will stay until he makes a full recovery. In the meantime, you can donate to the rescue centre and help make sure Dave and all the other furry creatures get the best care possible.

If only there was a rescue centre for exhausted, hungry and slightly confused students…