Best of Buy/Sell Exams Edition

It’s dead out here

Exam season has been a long and tiresome few months and with less of us going out, Buy/Sell has taken a bit if a dip in ticket sales. It’s been less of the usual scramble for crisis tickets and with all this free time you’ve been getting inventive.

Ever our shining beacon of hope, rescuing nights out and now study sessions everywhere, Buy/Sell has been the source of some well needed exam time solidarity among students. Here’s the best bits..



What are YOU saying??


Mums: the unsung heroes of the exam period


proof that stationary is the best part of revision


We’re in this together guys x


Absolute genius again. Bargain tbh


Exams AND mild horror??! Not today



Whatever gets you through..


These are dark times


Genius, and still less pointless than a chess set


It’s dead out here