A list of Nottingham’s most Instagrammable places on campus

Who doesn’t want a guaranteed wave of likes

At UoN we are lucky enough to be surrounded by one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. If you’ve not already bombarded your followers with snaps of rolling hills and clock towers, here’s how to nail your uni Instagram posts before you head home for Christmas.

The Downs

Nottingham has grass – a lot of it. No grass looks nicer than the steady slopes of The Downs. It is advisable to keep your distance from the rowdy freshers inhabiting Rutland and Derby down below – get up early to embrace the mist or come at night to see magical orbs lighting your way.

Get creative

Highfields Park

Yes, the lake. How could you forget the lake? Don’t let anybody else forget how #beautiful it is and how #lucky you are to be a student here. Just don’t go swimming in it.

That glow though

Secret Gardens

Get out and discover these secluded spots on campus. They also offer convenient hiding places from responsibility.

Latin makes me smart #uni

Beasts of UoN

Go Attenborough on the animal community. You are guaranteed likes for a stealthy shot of these amusing creatures. Max out the colour saturation for a starry eyed approach to nature, or black and white to label it Fine Art.

National Geographic hmu


It returns, the red takeaway cup. Some call it #basic, some call it #studentlife. Either way this festive photo goes with most captions.

Just finished an essay #tall #skinny #latte #soy #vegan

The huge sign everyone knows about

Hollywood, Amsterdam, Nottingham. Your Instagram is going to be iconic.

Hollywood who?

Drinking culture

The party season is heating up and we all want a reminder. Whether it’s an artsy statement about society or remembering the good times had, you can do anything with a beer bottle.

Much edge

Night time

Warm hues from student bedrooms look rather romantic in this all-consuming darkness. See the early nights as an opportunity to make anything stand out.



Your followers will know the reference and a decent filter can make it really striking. Spread some festive spirit.

Did someone say xmas


These are actually a widespread theme across Instagram. Typically you’d be a world traveler or an urban space photographer, but there’s still time!

Knock, knock