It’s National Sandwich Day so you told us your favourite

Dollop of cheese and a whiff of student debt

The Tab writes about things that matter. We trekked about campus to find followers of the starving student diet. Ditch the pot noodles.

Are you a Pret pilgrim, stacker and squasher, culinary minimalist all about the jambon-beurre, or the over-sauced bun of all things edible aka The Gobbler?


Dreaming Trent bar in GG ciggy corner

“I like my salmon bagels with cream cheese and avocado. Drizzle on some lemon juice!”


“Cranberry jam, brie and bacon. The most awesome hangover cure.”


“Hoisin Duck. It’s got hoisin sauce.. spring onions.. and it’s all in a wrap.”


It’s a way of life

“Christmas sandwiches are great. Turkey, cranberry and brie.”

Sean D

“Cool original Doritos, Marmite and cheese. Mature Cathedral City that is.”

Terry McC, Dereck and Raymond-Clark

Terry: “I’m partial to a Subway Italian BMT. If you get indigestion, it’s not the one for you.”
Dereck: “Post-christmas leftovers. The turkey’s gotta be moist. Ciabatta bread. Lurpak, only use Lurpak!”
Raymond-Clark: “Nut roast loaf, gherkins, pickled beetroot, honey-roast ham. Uhh.. and caviar.”


“Cheese and apricot jam. I suggest Hartley’s.”


“Sandwiches don’t define me.”

Shoutout to Nottingham’s Homemade for a mega fish finger sandwich, family run Brown Betty’s for a Sloppy Joe and Hartleys for dairy free alternatives.