The University of Nottingham, according to Facebook reviews

‘Prof. Martin has my heart and mind. Cherish that wonderful chemist’

The University of Nottingham is no stranger to an impressive statistic, we’re in the top one per cent in the world in case you hadn’t heard. But to get an idea of what people really think of UoN there’s surely only one place to go.

Prepare yourself for the delights of student life and enjoy this brief glimpse into what Facebook reviewers had to say about Notts.


It’s all downhill from here


Have you been to Ocean to yet?


Wish you were here


Did he win a Nobel Prize though?


wow much review


Thanks mum x


Let it go mate


Did a Pharmacist write this?



The University of Nottingham loves you!


We love to learn!!!!


Sorry can’t make it, sad emoticon


Our campus literally inspires poetry


Dunkirk, who knew?

Lol boring