Everything next year’s freshers at Nottingham will never experience

They won’t end up in Oceana after a society bar crawl or dance in Forum’s high podium

It’s almost time for the new freshers to arrive, and it made me realise how much has changed since last year. From the closing of Oceana to the Trent Building no longer being an essay hand in spot, here are all the things this year’s freshers won’t have.


After being voted one of the worst nightclubs in the UK, Forum finally closed down. But before Forum got to this point, it used to be the club everyone chose for socials, or purely for the random high podiums around the dancefloor. Thursday night used to be called Playground, then changed to Bounce. But now, one of the only nightclubs at the bottom of a shopping centre is closed down for good.


Oceana closed down this year, making Pryzm the only real option. Freshers won’t know what it was like to end up with every single society bar crawl in Oceana, always picking the “cheesy” room, listening to music like McFly or Miley Cyrus, singing “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne aloud and noticing a DJ dressed in a banana costume. Also, nothing could be compared to the illuminated floor, which made the club look like a proper Saturday Night Fever disco.

Handing essays in Trent Building

If you were a language, film or communication student, this is where you used to hand in your essays. You could post dramatic photos with your dissertation, saying how much effort you put into it and still have a background good enough to post on Instagram. Now, say goodbye to the beautiful building because the university changed the usual hand in place. Not over it.

Campus’ gym membership at £120 instead of £189

Once upon a time, freshers would buy their early bird gym memberships and pay £120 for it and would have their happily ever after workout sessions for the whole academic year. Now, they have to pay £69 more.

Record shop

If you were into vinyl or record stores, you’d know about The Music Exchange. The independent record store was listed by The Guardian as one of the “best in Britain” in 2013, but no longer exists.

Ocean carpet R.I.P 

The famous sticky carpet was one not to forget. In fact, there’s even a YouTube video to remember it.  

Headphone disco during Freshers’ Week

Back when I was a fresher, there used to be a silent disco on campus during Freshers’ Week. There was no way you would be upset about the music. The DJ was great, the place was great, and you didn’t even need to get a taxi back home because it was on campus.