Nottingham is the eighth cheapest city to be a student

But we spend more on alcohol than the national average.


Nottingham is the eighth cheapest city to be a student, according to the latest NatWest’s student living index.

The index surveyed 2,500 students in the UK to find out the most and least cost effective places to live out of 25 university cities – and Nottingham was among the top ten most affordable, as the eighth cheapest city to be a student.

The index took into consideration household bills (which Nottingham was classified as the 2nd cheapest in the list out of 25 cities), living costs and part time work income. Other factors such as how much time students spend studying and how much money they spend on going out were also considered.

In Nottingham, students revealed they spent an average £7.25 a week on alcohol, more than the national average of £6.85. Nottingham students also spent an average of £6.73 on clothes, shoes and accessories, £7.36 on ‘going out’ and £5.08 on daily public transport. Surprisingly, students spend more money on grocery products than any other item, with the weekly expenditure of £19.78.

It is interesting to highlight that Portsmouth topped the list as the most affordable city while Edinburgh was the most expensive.